FACE IT radiance mask

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Radiance mask: skin protective radiance mask with cleansing properties.


  • Recommended for pre-bridal makeup or special occasions, FACE IT radiance mask adds a glowing touch to the skin when used for 10-20 minutes and washed off.
  • For overnight use, it effectively clears up superficial pimples and aids in the drying and recovery process.
  • The mask can also serve as a gentle concealer to cover open skin while promoting cleanliness and speedy recovery.
  • Athletes can use it as a zinc paste, specifically over the nose for extra sun protection during long cricket matches.
  • It also speeds up recovery from sunburns and eczema. When wet, it acts as a magnet, drawing out toxins and deeply cleansing the skin.
  • When skin feels tired, apply the mask thinly as a night treatment, washing off in the morning.
  • After aggressive treatments like peels or high vitamin A treatments, using FACE IT can help fortify and defend the skin barrier, reducing the likelihood of sunburn over time.

NOTE: with very DRY skins, this product should not be used more than 1-2x per week. Even though this product assists recovery it deep cleanses and detoxes, which could have a drying effect when used too often.


FUN FACTS: so much more than expected! like always
When applied lightly, skin should be smoother, softer and wrinkles should become less obvious, making this a perfect base when applying make-up.



This product is for assistance. Any medical conditions should be diagnosed and treated by medical staff. *This is to bring relief until medical attention is at hand. Our products contain essential oils. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.

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